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Solutions for Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Dr. Matthew DiPaola, Buffalo NY Shoulder And Elbow Doctor

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Physical Activity

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Research has shown that the ability to walk unassisted is likely the single most important factor in maintaining your independence as you age. Targeting this simple metric may offer the secret to staying independent and new research supports this conclusion.

A recent study of over 1600 men and women in their 70’s and 80’s with mostly sedentary lifestyles aimed to examine whether a basic exercise program focused on lower body strength could help to maintain independent walking status in older adults. Continue reading

“Do The Implants Have To Come Out?”

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As a shoulder and elbow surgeon a lot of operations that I perform involve implanting hardware to help solve someone’s problem. Examples of hardware include plates and screws, joint replacement implants and arthroscopic anchors.

When someone asks whether hardware needs to be removed in the future they usually are referring to plates and screws that help hold fractures together. Continue reading